Marketing is no longer about the stuff you sell,
but about the stories you tell

- Seth Godin

And I can help you tell those stories …… quite well.


I am Pranavi (P-run-we), and

I help small businesses by creating content for their :

  • Website Copy
  • Blogs
  • Product descriptions (for platforms like Amazon, ShopClues etc)
  • Landing Pages
  • Marketing E-mails

and by administrating their Online Brand Management.

I can write captivating copy for your brand that’ll help you generate online traffic.

That will further generate quality leads and result into sales.

If you hire me, I will write in-depth and well researched online copy.

Which will include :

  • Creation of marketing funnels for your website.
    [This will help you to convert your readers into customers.]
  • Writing Product Descriptions or Sales Letter that targets the right audience for your brand.
  • And make the first page of Google fall in love with your website.

If you need all that, then let’s chat….

I am Pranavi.
A Freelance Writer for hire